Day 26 the 2.6 Challenge done, dusted and donations now welcome!

The UK’s mass participation event industry come together with the crowd funding website, JustGiving, in April 2020 to launch The 2.6 Challenge, a nationwide fundraising campaign intended to Save the UK’s Charities. The onset of Covid-19 in early 2020 saw the income of many charities plummet, so the 2.6 Challenge was an attempt to repair some of that damage.

At The Mighty Creatives we decided to use the campaign to help us support some of our most vulnerable children and young people across the East Midlands: the many young people who are leaving care and who need help to make the transition from care to independent living. This is a huge step at any time for these young people: navigating independence alongside the isolation of the coronavirus crisis gives them additional challenges and pressures which were unimaginable just a few months previously.

My contribution to the campaign started on the 26th April by deciding to cycle at least 2.6km per day in 1km increments so that I would be cycling at least 26km after 26 days.

By Day 26 the Challenge was done and finally dusted. It was a story of several numbers:

Over 405km cycled…
Over 2170m climbed…
Over 46 hrs en route…
Over 75 ‘A-Ha’ moments of discovery…

And Team TMC as a whole has so far raised nearly £5000 to support children and young people in care.

If you were thinking of giving, but haven’t quite got around to it yet… now’s your chance! Your numbers will make all the difference!  You can help here.

Thanks to all of you who continue to make this happen 

Supporting Children and Young People in Care during Covid-19: the 2.6 Campaign

Here at The Mighty Creatives we are taking the 2.6 Challenge to our own mighty level by running a Team-TMC-wide  response which is focusing on raising funds to support children and young people leaving care.

The Challenge

Annually The Mighty Creatives help 100’s of young people leaving care to make the transition from care to independent living. This is a huge step for these young people who find themselves navigating independence alongside the isolation of the coronavirus crisis. With so many more young people vulnerable, isolated, lonely, with limited access to support and in some cases no food in the cupboards, we simply cannot wait to offer them support. The need is now.

But by taking on the 2.6 Challenge, we are making a difference for our children around the region.

Our Response

Staff, trustees, friends and family all chipping into the team effort: everything from running, cycling, walking the dog, working out, exercising, crocheting, learning German and lip synching on TikTok: our team’s ingenuity knows no bounds! You can see details of our campaign here:

I’m personally contributing by cycling at least 2.6km per day, increasing by 1km a day until I hit 26km on 21 May.  Whilst this hardly classes as an Olympian effort, this is no mean feat for me, given the state of my knees, my precarious sense of balance, lousy memory of the Highway Code and the fact that the last time I rode a bike was back in 1992. You can donate to my JustGiving page by clicking here.

Follow us on the Challenge!

You can also track our progress here on this page and that of our team and supporters throughout the month across our social media channels @MightyCreatives and by following #BeMightyBeCreative26 #StayMightyStayCreative

I hope you can support our campaign but even if you can’t help this time, please feel free to share our campaign and encourage your networks to donate to our fantastic cause: helping our young people leaving care to make the transition from care to independent living.

Thanks so much for your help!

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