Thanks for dropping by my website which I hope will give you an insight into my career in the business of the arts and education which began way back in 1981 when I decided not to study  a Ph.D. on the subject of Interferon in Braunschweig, Germany: and opted to join the touring theatre company, Tryad Theatre, which toured the length and breadth of the English Motorway system with its adaptation of Heinrich Boll’s novel,  ‘The Lost Honour of Katarina Blum’… the rest, as they say, is history… or herstory… depends on how you look at it…

This site has an accompanying sister site which takes a more light hearted and irreverent look at the subjects of arts, education and business and I hope that is of interest to you too.

I have also now set up a publishing house, Nick Owen Publishing, which I hope will provide you with some entertaining and challenging comedy writing, blogging and purchasing opportunities in the years to come!

But in the meantime,  please read on and if you’d like to get in touch about any potential collaboration, co-operation or project, please feel free to get in touch!


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