Fundraising Campaigns

I’ve been involved in many fundraising and income generation campaigns over the years for many different purposes: business start up and growth, projects and productions, charitable support and the production of new work amongst others.

This page shows you my current live campaigns; and if you’re in the mood there’s plenty here for you to contribute to, whether this be cash donations, sharing the campaign to your own networks or being supportive in whatever way you can.

My 2.6 Challenge involves cycling 1,000 km around Nottinghamshire for The Mighty Creatives to support children and young people in care.

The Boss Bike Rides was established by Marcellus Baz (CEO of Switch UP Nottingham) and myself to provide informal opportunities for CEOs, founders and senior managers of any business (family to micro to small to corporate -ie anyone) to meet, network, socialise and become a peer support network – all through the medium of shared bike rides around Nottingham and beyond.The rides provide opportunities for participants (BB Riders) to fund raise for children and young peoples charities. BB Riders aim to collectively ride 1,000,000 km over a year, starting on Friday 7 August 2020. Altogether, we aim to fund raise £100,000.

To become a BB Rider, you’ll agree to organise or participate in a group bike ride (ie more than 2 people) anywhere in the world. You can ride together or independently, as long as you find ways of keeping in touch during your ride.vA BB Ride will typically involve highlighting the natural highlights of where you’re riding, provide moments of shared learning from each other’s experiences and insights, and the chance to share food and drink en route. You’ll also use the opportunity to fundraise for your favourite children’s charity.

All we ask is that you ride together, you’re willing to share your experiences of ‘boss-ness’ and that you keep us informed of your progress so that we can tell the world how we’re doing collectively.

Confessions of an Ageing Tennis Player is a book I’m planning to publish in March 2021. Remember when you were young and you emulated your sporting heroes in the streets or school playground? Remember the days when you were going to win the 100m sprint? The World Cup? Wimbledon? ‘Confessions of an Ageing Tennis Player’ is a short story about our dreams and our disappointments , our failures and our triumphs. I’ve shown the manuscript to various friends and family members who all say they enjoy it and have encouraged me to get it out to a wider audience. A few years ago I self-published it on Amazon and it got some lovely reviews which said things like: “A rollicking good read that had me laughing out loud. It had me entertaining the idea of joining our local tennis club, and I’m rubbish at tennis.” and ‘This is a riotous, rolling, rollicking read in the picaresque tradition. Eat your hearts out Henry Fielding and Herman Melville. As the hero hurtles through his ruthless pursuit of fame and glory, you too will probably receive an upgrade as you are laughing so much in your plane or train seat. Witty ( and wise) this is a cracking read. First in a series’.

You can be part of the success story of that ‘first in a series’ by just clicking on this link: Confessions of an Ageing Tennis Player.

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