Awarded an MBE for services to arts based businesses in the 2012 New Year Honours list, I am  a creative organisational leader, producer and educator who has worked in all learning contexts from Early Years, through Primary, Secondary, Vocational, Higher Education and Life Long Learning either as teacher, tutor and curriculum developer or senior manager.

I was awarded a unique PhD scholarship in Creativity and Learning by Creative Partnerships at the University of Hull in 2005 and was later awarded Honorary Fellowships in Education at both the University of Hull and University of Tasmania (UTAS) in 2012.

I connect my educational work with the wider world of work by both catalysing new business start ups as well as producing innovative cultural products across the creative industries, media and education sectors.

I am passionate about starting up and growing new businesses and have done so for the last 30 years in Nottingham, Cumbria, Liverpool, Leeds and London.  I am particularly passionate about keeping it real when it comes to working with students, start ups and learners of all ages and avoiding cliché, uncritical thinking and stereotyped practice when working with people to re-vision the world they want for themselves, their businesses and their communities.

I am committed to developing international education and have developed active partnerships with organisations in Australia, Bulgaria, the Caribbean, Finland, Germany, India, Lithuania, Italy, FYR Macedonia, Nigeria, Norway, Poland, Portugal and Serbia.

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