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The Story of the 2.6 Campaign: the Geography

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I started my journeys from Sneinton with a visit to the proud Sneinton Windmill. It’s like a magnet for so much local history of international impact: George Green, William Booth and D.H. Lawrence all have ley line connections via the windmill, and it wears its significance modestly.

I headed out to the Arboretum, Attenborough Nature Reserve, Bassingfield, Burton Joyce, Clifton, Colwick, Commonwealth War Graves, Forest Fields, Gamston, Holme Pierrepoint, King’s Meadow Nature Reserve, Lady Bay, Netherfield, Nottingham Airport, Nottingham Castle Marina, Nottingham Race Course, Skylarks Nature Reserve, St. Ann’s, and Stoke Bardolph taking in the Beeston and Grantham Canals, the River Trent, the A52 (big mistake) and several smaller side roads of disputable pleasure and definite physical challenge.

You can see the routes I’ve taken on this post.  Just get in touch if you’d like some more detail.

But if you’re just starting out on your own voyage of discovery, you could do a lot worse than head down to the Beeston Canal or along the River Trent.  You’ll find some of the loveliest tracks near the City Centre which stretch on and on, and make you feel like you could ride forever – knees, uncertain balance and unreliable handlebars notwithstanding.

You can see an update of the campaign -and still donate if you wish – here.


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