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The Story of the 2.6 Campaign: no–some–thing / yester–to–day–to–morrow

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I became aware one bright morning riding along the Sneinton Greenway that the blossom that was there that morning, definitely hadn’t been there the day before. There’d clearly been a lot of endeavour over the previous 24 hours to make sure all the blossom all comes out, all together, all at the right time.

I was struck by the same thought later on when passing by BioCity, the supposed home of where Ibuprofen was discovered. One day, it’s not there, the next it is. And I’m wondering whether the people of Nottingham and Sneinton are going to be part of the next big anti-viral discovery for Covid-19. Let’s hope so. After all, it’s not (as far as we can see) here today – but it will be, inshallah, tomorrow.

I was delighted later that week to see how some of the burghers of Colwick were celebrating the NHS.  Many of them had dressed up scarecrows or mannequins in their gardens, all offering messages of support to the NHS or instructions to passers-by to ‘wash their hands’, ‘keep safe’ or ‘stay at home’, the final instruction soon mutating into the more ambiguous governmental advice of ‘Stay Alert’ as Covid-19 pandemic continued to grip the country.

They certainly hadn’t been there the day before either.

You can see an update of the campaign -and still donate if you wish – here.

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