Productions, Events and Projects

I have been managing conferences, seminars and productions since 2005 and have developed a rigorous method of design and delivery which ensures that conference commissioners, presenters and delegates are able to relax, focus on the business in hand and give their colleagues, customers and clients their best possible attention.

I focus on getting the right stories out to the right people at the right time in a manner which is innovative, engaging and above all participant centred: whether this be conference presenter, delegate, participant, staff member or other stakeholder.

I specialise in events which focus on education and training, arts and the creative industries, enterprise and business development and especially value creative approaches to conference planning, delivery and evaluation.

As a sector specialist in creative education and life long learning,  I frequently attend a number of national and international conferences in both delegate and presenter capacities: so have a keen eye on what works well at conferences and how to bring out the best of the event for all participants. I have built up a substantial database of reliable suppliers, technical resources, conference staff and other conference related necessities across the North West and East Midlands of England and have designed and managed conferences for regional, national and international audiences, making full use of the range of technological opportunities that are open to event managers today.

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