Day 23 of the 26 Day Big Shut Up: 2 days to Shut Down.

This week’s the week!

The Mighty (Un)Mute takes place on Wednesday, so I’ll be off-grid all day, well and truly shut up.

In case you missed it, the team at The Mighty Creatives and I are taking part in a day-long vow of silence to raise awareness of young voices that so often go unheard – and to raise vital funds for a ground-breaking arts education project that fights for racial justice.

We’ve got a team goal of £5,000 and every donation counts. You can learn more and donate online before I seal my lips, switch off the email, stop the WhatsApping and throw away the passwords!

If you want to join us on the day and take a vow of silence, then please check out the campaign here. 

Of if the thought of donating your silence for 24 hours is really too much, then you can donate your hard-earned disposable income here.

Or if neither of these is possible (and heaven knows we’re all in tough financial times right now), then anything you can do to share and shout about the campaign would be equally welcome and appreciated.

So… come and help me to shut up, once and for all. You know you want to.

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