Day 31 of the 26 Day Big Shut Up: Joe Orton meets Richard Rawlins. Discuss.

Heading off back town-wards, the exertions of the afternoon are taking their toll and the group starts to straggle out along the pavements and roadsides, slowly pulling us apart.  Traffic lights and zebra crossings don’t help the group cohesion and before too long we’re taking up a lot of pavement space in our Journey of Discovery towards the next Globe Sculpture by Richard Rawlins (theme: A Complex Triangle Indeed).

Located in Orton Square which is bordered by Curve Theatre, Leicester Athena, St George’s Church  and the Exchange Building (Leicester’s very own answer to New York’s Flat Iron building), Rawlin’s work is a sculpture which pulls you up sharply with its combination of direct text and images.  If you’ve ever caught yourself saying ‘these things aren’t black and white’ this sculpture and its texts insist that on the contrary, things are very much black and white – and shades of grey too.

Imagine a conversation between Orton and Rawlins taking place in the Exchange Buildings. Orton might start with this from Loot:

Truscott:          Why aren’t you both at the funeral? I thought you were mourners.

Fay:                 We decided not to go. We were afraid we might break down.

Truscott:          That’s a selfish attitude to take. The dead can’t bury themselves, you know.

Rawlins:          ….

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